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Instrument and Book Sale

Our instrument and instruction book collection needs to be reduced. Dozens of instruments are for sale.  There are music books for all instruments and levels. This includes some used guitars and banjos great for beginners, some instruments that need some minor repairs and TLC, and various unique and special instruments including: a Howe Brothers (Elias Howe) small steel string guitar; a small steel string guitar that survived the Chicago Fire with a “coffin” guitar case; a personalized Silvio Marotta Concert Accordion; a Gretch nylon string guitar (first good guitar owned by Tom and Anne)

bohmann guitar - brown


Instruments, Books and Other Items:  Open our catalog for a complete listing of our inventory.  

Here are the highlights:

 Classical Guitars: including Telleno, Goya, Hohner

 Master Works chromatic hammered dulcimer with case, stand and collection of hammers.

 3/4 size bass w/pickup and soft case

 Tut Taylor Tennessee Bicentennial Banjo

 Gold Tone open back C-style banjo

 Ode Bluegrass banjo and Gibson long neck folk banjo

 Bohmann guitars and mandolins (some are in playable condition, some need small repairs and/or parts)

 Toredo bowl back mandolin

 Saga Banjo Kit (partially completed) and other Banjo parts, including Resonators and Heads

 Several Mountain dulcimers

More Information:

Contact Tom:

If you are interested in any of the remaining items, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call us.  


These pictures catalog many of the instruments on sale.   You can click on any image to see it in full resolution.

bohmann guitar - brown 2 bohmann guitar bohmann paris expo guitar bohmann paris expo guitar head
Bohmann Guitar - Brown Bohmann Guitar Bohmann Guitar - Paris Expo Bohmann Guitar - Paris Expo
1870s guitar - coffin case 1870s guitar 2 bohmann guitars wall decorations
#56 - 1870s Guitar - Coffin Case #56 - 1870s Guitar Bohmann Guitars #43-47 - Wall decorations
quality beginner instruments bacon banjo saga banjo kit - headstock saga banjo kit
Quality Beginner Instruments #35 - Bacon banjo #42 - saga banjo kit - headstock #42 - saga banjo kit - headstock
c banjo and os bg banjo unique banjos 2 bohmann fingerboard inlay mountain dulcimers
#34 & #33 - os bg banjo and c banjo Unique banjos Bohmann Guitar Inlay #81 - Mountain dulcimers
accordion 2 Accordion master works chromatic hd old music books 1

#1 - Accordion (side)

#1 - Accordion (front)

#76 - Master works chromatic hd Old Music Books
toredo bowl back mandolin front toredo bowl back mandolin back toredo bowl back mandolin side two necked mandolin
#77 - Toredo Mandolin #77 - Toredo Mandolin #77 - Toredo Mandolin #79 - Two Necked Mandolin